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Culinary Vacation


New : Culinary Classes and Workshops at the \bro:t\ BROTBAKERY in Fairfax (25 minutes drive).

During your stay with us think of including a culinary class with Heike Meyer (bakeress) and Anna Mays (food educator). Both will be delighted to teach you about baking and cooking specialities from around the globe. Guten Appetit!

Once upon a time...

...German-born Heike Meyer who bakes old world style-breads out of her home in Fairfax (which sell around the state) decided to launch together with anthropologist and food educator Anna Mays culinary classes at the bakery on Sundays. 

This is what Heike says : "Ana and myself quickly found out that both of us believe strongly in promoting the craft of artisanal baking, the history and culture of regional specialties, and the century-old techniques of culinary artisans around the world - all at risk of dying out due to commercialization, industrialization and standardization. So the idea to expand Brotbakery's mission by offering hands-on baking and culinary classes in the bakery’s production kitchen was born."

For more information and to sign up for a culinary class visit www.brotbakery.com or phone 802.370.4077 

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